Addressing the Blind Spot In Healthcare

Unnecessary care is a $265 billion problem each year in the United States



of opioids prescribed after surgery could be avoided



Antibiotics are unnecessarily prescribed each year



of knee replacements are unnecessary



of spine surgeries can be avoided



Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death

A New Approach to Measuring and Improving Healthcare

Practicing Wisely is developing a new generation of quality measures, driven by practicing clinicians – not financial payers or policy makers – to foster self-awareness and promote a culture of appropriateness throughout the medical community.

The solution

Appropriateness in the News

How can we empower physicians to lead the reduction of low-value care?

Pamela T. Johnson, MD and Martin Makary, MD, MPH, members of the Practicing Wisely® physician advisory council, deliver their view on the physician’s role in pursuing higher-value care.

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Practicing Wisely gave us the data to finally understand how we compare to not only peers across the country, but also our peers down the hall. We realized that some of us are choosing a treatment path all of the time, and others none of the time, with no measurable differences in quality. It was a wake-up call for our practice.

General cardiologist in a large regional health system
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